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Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
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Rules and Regulations


  1. Must have Negative Coggins Papers At Check-In!

  2. Do NOT tie anything to the potty wagon!!!!!

  3. Everyone is under the Supervision of the Wagon Master at all times.

  4. No Littering! Everyone must clean their own campsite. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

  5. You MUST register to spend the night in camp. ALL Guests Must Check in With Ride Secretary!

  6. No one under the age of 16 permitted without a parent or guardian present.

  7. No open drinking in camp or during the ride.

  8. No stallions unless approved by the Wagon Master.

  9. Only horse or mule-drawn wagons or buggies are permitted.

  10. Rider MUST stay to the right or behind a wagon or buggy. Ask permission of wagon or buggy driver before riding between wagons. Do NOT ride past the lead wagon.

  11. Stay OUT of yards and fields. This includes the mowed grass beside the road. If someone has to mow it, please stay off of it.

  12. Rain, sleet or snow the wagons will roll. Be sure you have what you need!

  13. Horses and mules must be in condition, shod and be able to maintain a 4 mile per hour pace.

  14. Kicking horses and mules must be flagged.

  15. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

  16. Only persons wearing badges will be allowed to eat at no charge. All others must pay.

  17. Every wagon must have brakes.